Watch New English Music By Taylor Swift ‘I Can See You’ Video

Taylor Swift reclaims Speak Now, literally, in her new video for “I Can See You.” The song is one of the “From the Vault” songs included on her newly rerecorded 2010 third studio LP.
In the new visual, which Swift wrote and directed, Taylor Lautner and Joey King are seen in a museum on a mission to rescue Swift from a vault, where she is trapped along with her prize possession — her framed cover art of Speak Now. The two navigate Mission: Impossible-like scenes, with Presley Cash serving as their behind-the-scenes comms director, complete with tricky lasers and fight scenes against those who try to prevent them from absconding with what is rightfully Swift’s. The clever clip is of course a metaphor for her taking back her art from her former record label Big Machine, whose sale of her master recordings spurred her to rerecord her entire catalog before Lover.

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