Ultra Luxury Round Bed


  • Crafted from high-quality teak wood, famous for making great furniture
  • Local artisans use only hammer and chisel to create intricate floral designs inspired by Indian art
  • Customized with a bigger cushioned headrest area, decorated with lovely floral patterns for a luxurious touch
  • Durable plywood bed storage with a touch of sophistication from metallic shade paint
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Introducing our super luxurious round bed, expertly made from the best teak wood, known for its quality. Crafted by local artisans using only hand tools like hammers and chisels, it is a true masterpiece. Inspired by Indian art, the bed is adorned with delicate carved flowers and leaves all around, and it is upholstered with a lovely floral pattern for added charm.

This bed is customized to fit the client’s preferences, with a larger cushioned area on the headstand for extra comfort. The plush cushioning ensures a luxurious sleep experience. The storage area under the bed is made of strong plywood. Plus, a metallic shade paint gives it a classy touch.


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