Amazing Sofa Set Design


  • Amazing sofa set crafted from teak wood with champagne gold highlighting
  • Client choose fabric in suede and plain floral pattern
  • Sofa chairs with royal crown shape and double carving
  • Three-seater sofa designed to look simple from the back
  • Comes with coffee table and 2 side tables
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Aarsun offers a amazing sofa set made of solid teak wood, adorned with elegant champagne gold polish. Skilled artisans handcraft each piece, adding intricate details with hammers and chisels. Customers can choose the fabric and color theme, with champagne gold as the main theme.

The sofa’s backrest is plain suede with buttoned quilting, while the seat is adorned with a floral pattern. The chairs have a majestic crown-like shape inspired by Maharaja-style sofas, giving them a luxurious feel. What makes this set extra special is that the chairs are intricately double-carved, enhancing their beauty. The legs of the chairs have graceful curves and carvings, adding to their allure.

The three-seater sofa is designed to be placed against a wall, keeping its back simple in appearance. Along with the sofa, you will receive a coffee table and two side tables. This collection beautifully combines traditional carving with modern color choices.

3 Seater Size:
Left to right: 7 feet(out and out)
Back Height: 4 feet
Front to Back : 30 inches

Sofa Chair Size:
Left to right: 42 inches
Front to back: 30 inches
Back Height: 50 inches

Side Tables Size:
Square: 20 inches
Height : 18 inches

Center Table
30 inches Square Table

When you are thinking about getting a sofa, there are a few important things to think about. Size matters because it determines how many people can sit on it and how much space it will take up. We have 200 videos on YouTube showing different sofa options. You can pick from lots of colors, designs, patterns, and finishes, and even add extras like tables, swings, or special chairs. This way, you can create a setup that’s perfect for you. We give our customers plenty of choices, so they can choose exactly what they like. They have the freedom to pick whatever they want. You can get your furniture delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world! Enjoy our clear and fair prices – no middleman, just the best factory prices.


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